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Learning How to Draw

There are many approaches to learning how to draw. Some ways involve learning basic construction, perspective and anatomy. Another approach is to explore the imagination -- discovering new ideas, fun characters or inventions. In the Drawing Power! videos, we go for the best of both worlds.

How did Drawing Power! get started?

As a former elementary school art instructor, I was searching for a fun way to teach children how to create satisfying, realistic drawings. In a two-year period, my students and I discovered amazing new drawing techniques like "Shape Substitution", which takes complicated, hard-to-draw shapes in 3-D, and makes them simple and easy to draw, with step-by-step instruction. Each video also includes common drawing mistakes and how to fix them. The goal of Drawing Power! is to let everyone discover how much fun drawing can be!

Are some people "Born Artists"?

Some children are always drawing. When I was a full-time art teacher, I had students who would constantly draw their favorite characters, animals, environments and technology. I encouraged them, and mostly just let them do their own thing. I find that if you provide a quiet work space, and encourage children to create positive images, many will start behaving like "Born Artists" -- and the entire class will blossom and grow.

What's great about drawing?

What I like about drawing is the immediacy of communication. For example, a beautiful portrait has the power to move you instantly. Drawings can also communicate new information and ideas. For example, let's say you create an invention -- something amazing that nobody has ever thought of before. You might have a lot of trouble describing the invention clearly in words, because it's new, people won't know what you're talking about. If you draw it, people will understand.

Who's famous for their drawings?

One of History's most famous inventors is Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived in the 15th century. Da Vinci's notebooks are filled with drawings of fantastic inventions. Obviously, Da Vinci couldn't have designed such creative inventions -- and brought his ideas to life -- without knowing how to draw.

But drawing isn't just for engineers and inventors. It's great for telling stories, with many creative and talented artists working in animation, comic books, illustration and in film. On a personal level, drawings can also be used to make a beautiful gift for someone you love.

Drawing is fun

My first rule of drawing is have fun. Drawing is like a playground for the brain. It's a very safe, wonderful and creative place. As we draw, our minds develop and grow.

Healing Through Art

One exercise I did with my 7th Grade class was to envision a "New New Orleans" for the displaced people of New Orleans. The students created a series of amazing and heartfelt environments. This powerful, helpful intention is a beautiful way to see the creation of art. With nothing more than a sheet of paper and a pencil, artists can create new worlds to share. As Artists, we have the ability to show people exactly what's in our heads... and our hearts.

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