Learn how to draw Pirates!

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80 minutes / color / digital sound

Winner of a KIDS FIRST! Award 2007

Drawing Power! Pirate Drawing Adventure Video
$29.99 DVD
Item# DP-003
Copyright year: 2007
ISBN 978-0-9762454-6-9



Pirate Drawing Adventure
Learning how to draw has never been so easy... and fun! Learn how to create 12 awesome drawings from the world of pirates with easy-to-follow, step by step instructions.

Artist Michael Moodoo, a professional animator, shows viewers how to use Secret Shapes to create realistic pirate drawings, including: a pirate ship, pirate portrait, treasure map, jolly roger, cutlass, treasure chest, parrot, cannon, sea monster, skull island, Captain Greenbeard and more!

This DVD features humorous animation, useful drawing techniques and an encouraging host who helps viewers learn to explore the imagination and develop creativity. Highly recommended for parents, libraries and teachers.

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Winner of 4 National Awards!

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