Learn How to Draw your own Ultimate Room with a basketball hoop, jacuzzi, monkey bed, and more!

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45 minutes / color / digital sound

Drawing Power! My Ultimate Room video
$39.99 DVD
Item# DP-005
Copyright year: 2009
ISBN 978-0-9762454-8-3



My Ultimate Room
Learning how to draw has never been so easy... and fun!
Viewers learn how to draw a basketball hoop, bed, water slide, tree, pole slide, trampoline, rope climb, rock climb, fun chair, monkey bars, jacuzzi and more! Artist Michael Moodoo, a professional animator, shows viewers how to use perspective techniques like horizon line, vanishing point and perspective lines to create realistic, fun drawings.

This DVD features fun, colorful animation, useful drawing techniques and a warm, encouraging approach. Promotes a structured use of the imagination and develops creativity. Instruction is based on National Visual Arts Standards.


Video sample and screenshots

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