Award-winning drawing video series

Vol. 6: Wizards, Castles & Dragons DVD

How to Draw a Dragon Hand

In this clip: How to draw a dragon hand, plus fun animation.

How to Draw a Castle

In this clip: How to draw a castle, end of lesson. Viewers learn how to draw important parts of the castle, such as the towers, cones, etc. Artist then shows how to draw complete castles using secret shapes & 2-point perspective. This DVD helps viewers learn how to draw realistic & fun castles, wizards and dragons.

Video clips & screenshots from the DVD "Wizards, Castles & Dragons". Viewers learn how to use Secret Shapes, proportion and 2-point perspective techniques to create fun, realistic drawings of wizards, castles & dragons.

how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-dragon-castle
how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-a-wizard how-to-draw-castle
how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-dragons
how-to-draw-dragon-castle how-to-draw-wizard how-to-draw-dragon-castle


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