Award-winning drawing video series

Vol. 5: My Ultimate Room DVD

How to Draw a Monkey Room

In this clip: How to draw a Monkey-themed Ultimate Room, beginning of lesson. Viewers then learn how to draw a basketball hoop, bed, tree, pole slide, rock climb, fun chair, monkey bars and more!

How to Use the Horizon Line

In this clip: How to use the Horizon Line. Artist then shows viewers step-by-step instructions for how to use horizon line, vanishing point and perspective lines to create realistic drawings of places, objects and characters from the imagination.

Video clips & screenshots from the DVD "My Ultimate Room". Viewers learn how to use Secret Shapes and 2-point perspective techniques to create fun, realistic drawings of Ultimate Rooms with water slide and monkey themes. Viewers learn how to draw a basketball hoop, bed, water slide, tree, pole slide, trampoline, rope climb, rock climb, fun chair, monkey bars, jacuzzi and more!

how-to-draw-bed how-to-draw-basketball-hoop how-to-draw-basketball-hoop
how-to-draw-rabbit how-to-draw-jacuzzi how-to-draw-basketball-hoop
how-to-draw-monkey-room how-to-draw-DVD how-to-draw-monkey-room-DVD
how-to-draw-monkey-room-DVD how-to-draw-monkey-room--DVD how-to-draw-water-slide-room-DVD


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