About Drawing Power!

Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo is the innovative DVD series that helps viewers learn secrets of making successful and satisfying drawings. These charming videos are fun learning tools that children and older viewers enjoy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

--About shipping:

Do you offer international shipping? Yes, we ship worldwide

How quickly do you send the DVDs? Usually within 1-2 business days

•NTSC or PAL format? NTSC

--About learning how to draw using our DVDs:

•Can anyone learn how to draw? Absolutely. Drawing Power! helps students of all ages develop drawing ability and creativity

Is it easy? Yes. Everything is broken down into basic shapes, like cubes, balls, and letter shapes. We also cover common mistakes and how to fix them.

•How quickly will I be able to learn? In just minutes, Drawing Power! provides step-by-step techniques to create objects, places, and characters from life or imagination

•What materials are needed? Just pencil and paper

-- Have fun drawing! --

Awards / Reviews for "Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo, Ultimate Dinosaur Drawing"

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Products of 2006 Award, Fall 2006

Parents' Choice Foundation Approved Award, Fall 2006

"Ultimate Dinosaur Drawing effectively teaches kids how to draw dinosaurs in a manner which is very easy for them to follow. The DVD is geared toward kids 5 and up, but my incredibly impatient 3-year-old little girl watched it and drew right along... "

Viewers will learn how to draw many different types of dinosaurs and will appreciate the emphasis on having fun while drawing.”
-School Library Journal
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Vol. 1:
Ultimate Drawing Tool-kit

"...Fun characters, interesting animation, useful drawing techniques, and a warm manner of presentation helps children and older students use their imaginations and develop artistic skills"
-School Library Journal

"Video of the Week"
-School Library Journal Online

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Meet Michael Moodoo

Michael Moodoo (a.k.a. Michael Dowell) is the Host of Drawing Power! He is a professional animator who has worked on tv shows like "Futurama" and for Disney TV.

He is a former elementary school art teacher.

Moodoo is the creator and master puppeteer of "Moodoo Puppets" a live performance group based in Los Angeles, California.

Visit the Moodoo Puppets web site:

He is a loving husband and father of
three boys.

Drawing tips:

It's all in the wrist... (and the shoulder, too!)

It's a good idea to warm-up before you start drawing. In order to use the whole body, stand up and keep the knees slightly bent, like you're skiing. Lean over your desk and draw using your whole arm, not just the wrist. The first exercise is circles on a page. See the circles with your mind's eye and then begin. Fill up the page with circles. Now you're ready to draw!


"Remember, there is a great artist inside you, who wants to create beautiful, heartfelt and satisfying drawings. I can't wait to see what you'll create!"

-Michael Moodoo, Host of Drawing Power!

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